Lab: studying DHCP technology

  1. Using a crossover patch cord, connect a computer to one of Ethernet-ports of Cisco 1605 router or another available.
  2. In global configuration mode create a new pool for DHCP using a command ip dhcp pool name, where name is a name of the pool being created.
  3. In configuration mode of the newly created DHCP pool define using a command network /24 the addresses, which will be assigned to clients.
  4. Configure the addresses of DNS servers distributed through DHCP. For this use a command dns server
  5. Similarly to the previous point, configure the addresses of WINS servers with a command netbios-name-server
  6. Set default gateway IP-address for clients applying default-router
  7. Set the address lease time for client, for which execute a command lease 0 0 15.
  8. Exit the mode of DHCP pool configuration with a command exit.
  9. Configure the network interface card of the computer for automatic IP settings allocation.
  10. Release the previously obtained address using ipconfig /release.
  11. Allocate new settings with ipconfig /renew.
  12. Make sure that you have obtained IP configurations.
  13. Look at the table of assigned IP-addresses at the router using a command of privileged mode show ip dhcp binding.
  14. Exclude the addresses and from the pool of assignable IP-addresses, for which use a global configuration mode command ip dhcp excluded-address If any other address was assigned for the computer, exclude it from the pool.
  15. Release the previously used address from the lab computer and request it once again.
  16. Make sure that now another address has been assigned for the network interface card of the computer.
  17. Configure a static binding of the MAC-address of the computer to the assigned by DHCP server IP-address. For that, create a new DHCP pool, inside this pool give a command host address mask, where address and mask are IP-address and network mask of the host being configured. Execute a command client-identifier 01aa.bbcc.ddee.ff, where aabbccddeeff – MAC-address of the lab computer, and 01 indicates the type of medium Ethernet. Give a name to the client being configured using a command client-name test.
  18. Release the current address at the computer and allocate it again. Make sure, that the obtained address is exactly the one, which has just been manually configured.

Download the PDF file with the description of the lab.

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