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Lab aims

Getting the students familiar with Virtual Private Networks powered by MPLS technology. The lab features not only common L3VPN networks but overlapping VPNs, too. The network is built using GNS3 emulator. It's understood that the student is already familiar with MPLS technology and that is why the details on setting up MPLS in the service provider's network are not presented. One can review the lab on setting up of MPLS if necessary.

Network scheme

Lab description

This lab emulates the service provider's network that offers L3 connectivity to its clients. The service provider's backbone network is powered by Cisco 7200 routers using MPLS technology. This lab emulates the procedure of maintaining connectivity between offices of two companies (A and B). R1, R6, and R8 are routers of company A, whilst R2, R7, and R9 are those of company B. R1, R2, R6, and R7 routers maintain common office networks and R8 and R9 routers terminate server segments of A and B companies.

It's understood that upon performing this lab the students should use supplementary literature if necessary.

router ospf 1 vrf vrfa
 redistribute bgp 1 subnets
router bgp 1
address-family ipv4 vrf vrfa
 redistribute ospf 1 match internal external 1 external 2
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