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Multi Protocol BGP VRF Lab

Lab aims

Helping students develop considerable skills of configuring and diagnosing the networks of operators that use BGP for redistribution of routes between various VRFs. The network is built using GNS3 emulator.

Network scheme

Lab description

  1. Build the network which is presented on the image.
  2. The channel between router R1 and switch SW1 must be configured in the trunk mode. Routers R2, R3, R4, and R5 must be connected to their proprietary virtual networks (VLAN).
  3. Configure the sub-interfaces in router R1 that correspond to the virtual networks from the previous item.
  4. Allocate P2P for vrf A sub-interfaces on R1 in case if they are meant for the connection between R2 and R3 routers. Allocate vrf B for R4 and R5.
  5. Allocate IP addresses for the corresponding interfaces and sub-interfaces of the routers.
  6. Create a loopback 0 interface on R2 to R5 routers and allocate it an IP address from the networks provided on the scheme above.
  7. Configure EIGRP routing protocol for every VRF in a way so that all connected networks fall within it.
  8. Use Multi-Protocol BGP to configure the transfer of routes from vrf A to vrf B in such a way so that only network is transferred and nothing is sent in the other direction.
  9. Use ping command to make sure that packets from R5 router get to R3 router, but however are not being sent back.
  10. Make sure that the packets between R3 and R5 are being transferred successfully.

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